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Fish Thumb Has No Boundaries

New Experiences, New Species, New Traditions, New Techniques, & New Friendships

Tarpon Kissing in Miami

A Dream Come True in Miami

One sentence: tarpon fishing in Miami. Okay, it’s not even a sentence. It’s like a crazed half-thought running through my mind. You’ll know from my last Miami adventure how desperately

Canyon Lake, CA

Rejuvenation & Bass Fishing at Canyon Lake Humans can go days without water. Weeks without food. But months without fishing out on the open waters? After my knee surgery, with

Return to Milwaukee, WI

A Triumphant(?) Return to Ice Fishing and Big Brown Trout Okay, I have to say it right up front: this was a fun one. But not necessarily for the reasons

Yellowstone River, MT

You probably know the name Yellowstone for its natural beauty as a national park, and its infamous geyser, Old Faithful. For me, Yellowstone calls to mind a river in Montana,

Whitehouse Drive, KY

Whitehouse Drive is a street you'd never know held magical secrets, at least not for fishing. Well, not for anything else really, either. But it is the home to an

Staniel Cay, Bahamas

The Bahamas may just be the quintessential paradise we all dream of, and not just because of that famous song by the Beach Boys. A few years ago, I was

Shaver Lake, CA

Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.   In some ways, the sentiment behind this saying is

San Jose Del Cabo, MX

I think no matter how old you get, you probably groan just a little when your dad winds up to tell one of his stories you’ve heard countless hundreds of

San Clemente Island, CA

For most people outside of California, very few know Catalina. It’s a tourist spot 20 miles or so off the coast. If you’ve heard of it you either read my

Sacramento Delta, CA

Have you ever heard the expression “Run amuck”? If you haven’t, now you have. If you have heard it before, did you ever think about what it means? I learned

Pyramid Lake, NV

The Native American people are some of the greatest storytellers. Their spirits are tied to the land, the plants, and the animals in a communal harmony. Some say this is

Puerto Vallarta, MX

Years ago, there was a city in Mexico known only as La ciudad más amigable del mundo. It was written on the signs on every road entering the city, from

Perry Park, KY

One of the special qualities about fisherman like me is the very same quality that makes our wives or friends call us crazy. And it’s not crazy. It’s the simple

Oso Lake, CA

Oso reservoir is somewhere I spent a lot of time when I was an aspiring angler in high school. It's right off the 241, not far from where I lived,

Newport Beach Harbor, CA

Try something. Pull up Yelp and search restaurants in Newport Beach, California. Or google top seafood restaurants in Los Angeles. However you choose, try searching the menu and prices for

About Brooklyn

Meet Chris Isley

Not everyone is lucky enough to find their passion. Blessed to have found mine. I love fishing, my girls, and God. But I really really love fishing…

About Brooklyn


Fishing has always been a big part of my life. As a kid, my grandparents use to say it was the only thing that could get me to sit still. As my wife can now attest, that fact still remains true today. Being born in the state of Kentucky, I soon found myself moving around the country. In fact, I had moved 11 times by my 13th birthday. Through this travel, my passion for fishing expanded. I was no longer limited to the farm ponds of the Bluegrass State. Moving allowed me to target species I had only dreamed about while reading In-Fisherman magazines as a kid. As I grew older, I found myself jigging for crappie on the rocky banks of Lake of the Ozarks, fighting King Salmon on the Kenai, targeting sturgeon on the Sacramento Delta and working long-range tuna boats in Southern California. By the time I finished high school, I had fished more water than I once thought existed, met countless new friends and figured out a way to monetize my passion. The experiences I had in my younger years laid the path for the addiction that still fuels me today.


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